Note: Application must be completed by a coordinator. It is unacceptable for it to be completed by applicants themselves.
If you are students, please contact a coordinator at your home university first.

Application Period(Japan Standard Time):
from 9:00 AM, Oct.1 ‒ 3:00 PM Nov.15(Spring Enrollment)
from 9:00 AM, Jan.10 ‒ 3:00 PM Feb.20(Fall Enrollment)
Exchange Programs:
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Coordinator's E-mail Address :
Thank you for your interest in joining Tohoku University.

Tohoku University Policy on Personal Information

 Tohoku University handles the personal information of all applicants and entrants in strict accordance with Japanese law.

1) All personal information gathered by Tohoku University shall be treated with due care in compliance with the Law for the Protection of Personal Information Retained by Independent Administrative Institutions, and the Act on the Protection of Personal Information of Tohoku University, and security measures will be taken to protect it.
2) Personal information, such as examination scores, used to screen applicants will be used exclusively for educational purposes, such as selecting applicants, enrollment procedures, pre-enrollment instruction, follow-up surveys, post-enrollment student support (scholarships, tuition waivers and health management etc.) and academic advising, or in connection with tuition collection etc.

List of supplemental application materials

  1. Pledge
    1. JYPE
    2. IPLA
    3. COLABS
    4. DEEP
    5. DEEp-Bridge(Undergraduates)
  2. Copy of the applicant's Official Academic Transcript
    (Include an explanation in English of the grading scale.)
  3. Letter of Recommendation
  4. Certificate of Enrollment at home university
    [Form] (Certificate of Enrollment)
  5. Photocopy of certificate of language proficiency
    TOEFL iBT® Test 79 or equivalent
    DEEP Undergraduates JLPT N1 or equivalent
    Graduates JLPT N1, equivalent score in Japanese
    Undergraduates Japanese:TTJP/SPOT65 JLPT is no longer acceptable
    English: TOEFL iBT®Test 79 or equivalent
    (English test score is not required for those who obtain TTBJ/SPOT 85 or above)
    Graduates TTBJ/SPOT 85 or TOEFL iBT®Test 79 or equivalent
    JLPT is no longer acceptable
  6. Photocopy of passport identification page
  7. ID photo
  8. Application form for JASSO scholarship (only qualified applicants)
    1. JASSO scholarship Application form